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History, Heritage & Pride

Another very popular presentation offered in lengths of 2, 3 or 4 hours, this delves deep into the history of the American Volunteer Fire Service. Too many in the ranks have no idea how the fire service has evolved to where it is today or even understand their own departments unique history and heritage. The presentation is broken into three parts that examine:

  1. How the volunteer fire service formed and developed over the years bringing it to where it stands today.

  2. Why our members should be so proud belonging to such a noble and honorable profession and even prouder that they are a member of their hometown fire department.

  3. What we all need to do to honor, support and maintain the great reputation and high expectations people have in their firefighters, recognizing firefighters are all held to a higher standard of conduct and behavior.


In the longer presentation ideas are offered that could help their department better preserve and display their history and artifacts. It’s never too late to start!

Every now and then we need to stop back and pay homage to the past and talk about our roots and the sacrifices our predecessors made to get us to where we are today. Too often lost in the day to day routine calls, the day to day what we call BS calls, the day to day politics, the crisis of the day, the controversy of the day is the fact that we are part of something very special – we are part of the great American Fire Service – rich with tradition, heritage and honor. If we do not preserve ensure the stories, histories, traditions and customs could be lost to the dust of time.

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