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Keynote Addresses

I would be happy to come to your organization's conference, banquet, anniversary party or any other special occasion and help deliver a keynote address or serve as the Master of Ceremonies. This type of event is fully customizable to meet your organizations needs. I have had the opportunity to host many events and have met so many great firefighters from around the country and I really enjoy these venues. They are a great opportunity to remind our membership and invited guests just what a special "profession" the volunteer fire service is and can really leave everybody leaving the event highly motivated and fired up to go back home and deliver exceptional service outside with the public they serve AND inside the firehouse among their brother and sister firefighters.

My Programs

The Professional Volunteer Fire Department

This is my signature presentation program offered in lengths of 2, 3 and 4 hours. The main purpose of the presentation is to deliver the message that being a professional firefighter has nothing to do with earning a paycheck but has everything to do with attitude, appearance, commitment, and dedication. It includes how members approach the job, how they prepare and train, how they take care of their equipment, how they treat the public and their own members, and how they behave and interact with the public both on and off duty.

Professional Development for the Volunteer Firefighter

A fast-paced 90-minute presentation that focuses on the personal traits of the professional volunteer firefighter. The message delivered during this very interactive and engaging program is that there will always be challenges, distractions, obstacles or events that occur that are out of our direct control, but the individual firefighter always has full control of the professional level of service that they deliver.

Professional Development for the Volunteer Fire Officer

Directed at the new officer to help get them started off in the right direction when moved up in the ranks, be it on the firemanic (operations) side, or the often forgotten about and seldom talked about administrative side as well. Too often it’s congratulations lieutenant or well-done Mrs. President, and that’s it. They are expected to immediately take over and know what to do. What properly prepares them for this?

Officer Development & Leadership Success in the Volunteer Fire Service

This very popular presentation focuses on the unique challenges faced by volunteer fire officers on the firemanic (operations) side of the organization as well as the often forgotten about administrative side. Far too officers are simply elected or appointed but they are provided with very little or no training at all and are left to “fend for themselves’ as they try to earn respect and gain the confidence of their membership while trying to learn about the jobs they are expected to perform.

The End of a Chief’s Term: Redefining the Mission and Making the Transition Easier for Everyone

When a fire chief leaves office it can be challenging and even problematic for both the former chief, as well as for the organization. Fortunately, there are many things the department can do to extend respect and properly honor the past chief. And, there are also a number of ways the former chief can assimilate into the organization and remain a contributing and valuable member. This 2-hour presentation will discuss this challenging time period and offer suggestions and ideas that can help both the department and the past chief.

Professionalism, Passion & Pride in our Volunteer Fire Service

This presentation focuses on three key areas that all volunteer firefighters should focus on that will help them achieve excellence in their role in their hometown volunteer firehouse, whatever that role happens to be.


All volunteers should strive to provide a professional level of service and represent as well as manage their department in a professional manner at all times.

Social Fitness: Skills to Improve Community Relations for the Volunteer Firefighter

No doubt responding to calls and performing skillfully is the trademark of competent and professional firefighters. But often times the public judges our members on many other things. They definitely notice how our volunteer members act, treat them, help solve their problems, watch over their property and take care of the things that are very important to them.

How to Lose New Members…Quickly

Recruiting new volunteer firefighters in the ranks has been a priority in the volunteer fire service for generations. Plenty of time, energy and money has been directed that way with mixed results. But even when departments are successful in recruiting new members, they often have a hard time keeping them and retention of members has become a hot topic recently.

History, Heritage & Pride

Another very popular presentation offered in lengths of 2, 3 or 4 hours, this delves deep into the history of the American Volunteer Fire Service. Too many in the ranks have no idea how the fire service has evolved. to where it is today or even understand their own departments unique history and heritage.

Lessons from History

As firefighters it’s important to understand how our history can and does teach us extremely valuable lessons. Unfortunately, our fire service and department leaders have a little bit of a history of failing to teach those lessons and pass them on so the "new" generation of firefighters doesn’t have to re-learn them.

The American Volunteer Fire Service: Protecting the Legacy 

An informative, entertaining fast-paced 1-hour presentation aimed at new members joining the volunteer fire service. Students are taught that there is a whole other side to being a volunteer firefighter, and it's not all hoses, hooks and halligans.


This program introduces students to the long established fire service legacy representing pride, honor, integrity, duty, compassion, courage, tradition and sacrifice. They will be taught to embrace that legacy and to always to protect it in their words and actions both on duty and off. 

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