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Officer Development & Leadership Success

This very popular presentation focuses on the unique challenges faced by volunteer fire officers on the firemanic (operations) side of the organization as well as the often forgotten about administrative side. Far too officers are simply elected or appointed but they are provided with very little or no training at all and are left to “fend for themselves’ as they try to earn respect and gain the confidence of their membership while trying to learn about the jobs they are expected to perform. In addition, they are also expected to become instant leaders within their organization and provide immediate solutions for any challenges or problems that are brought to their attention.


Aspiring officers are being provided with a variety of ideas that can assist them in gaining support from their fellow members and help them earn appointment to office or win that dreaded volunteer fire department election. Useful tips and information are provided to the newly promoted officer that that will help them get off to a successful start and begin earning credibility and respect while at the same time developing competence and gaining confidence in their new role.

The presentation concludes by focusing on eight proven leadership disciplines that all fire department members can use to create and maintain a more unified and harmonious operation.

Offered as two, three or four hour programs

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