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Professionalism, Passion & Pride in our Volunteer Fire Service

This presentation focuses on three key areas that all volunteer firefighters should focus on that will help them achieve excellence in their role in their hometown volunteer firehouse, whatever that role happens to be.

All volunteers should strive to provide a professional level of service and represent as well as manage their department in a professional manner at all times. The volunteer firefighter should implement a personal professional code of conduct that applies to how they act, behave, dress, perform and treat the public as well as their fellow department members. By embracing professional standards, a professional culture can be established and nurtured in the volunteer firehouse.

Volunteers must recognize that it is their own personal passion that can inspire them and keep them focused on the day-to-day operations involved in managing today’s volunteer fire department in today’s changing world. Passion is the antidote for lethargy and it is passion that motivates the volunteer to do the work required of them in the firehouse, as well as at the emergency scene. Passion alone is what helps volunteers stay focused on the jobs expected of them in their hometown volunteer department.

And, all professional volunteer firefighters most definitely should be proud to be a member of their hometown department, and equally proud as a member of the iconic American fire service. Sometimes this gets lost in the mundane day to days’ tasks and even the political discussions occurring in our apparatus bays. It is necessary to take a step back, and really learn to appreciate where we come from, collectively as a fire service, as well as back home in our volunteer fire department. There is so much to be proud of and every now and then we need a nice reminder that we all share a rich heritage and storied history. We need to work together to ensure the stalwart fire service reputation continues and does not suffer on our watch.

This is the presentation that will outline the steps that can be taken to help all volunteers be professional, passionate, proud firefighters.

Offered in 2, 3 or 4-hour lengths.

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