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Professional Development for the Volunteer Fire Officer

Directed at the new officer to help get them started off in the right direction when moved up in the ranks, be it on the firemanic (operations) side, or the often forgotten about and seldom talked about administrative side as well. Too often it’s congratulations lieutenant or well-done Mrs. President, and that’s it. They are expected to immediately take over and know what to do. What properly prepares them for this?

A quick one-hour presentation aimed at the new or developing fire officer that outlines a series of steps any member can implement during the course of their fire service career to put together their own personal development program focusing on three key areas:

1.Ideas that can help any member earn the respect of their peers and become a more accepted and functional member in their department and possibly pave the way for their election or appointment to office if they desire to seek it. 

2. Ideas that can help any officer achieve greater success, on both the operations side and often forgotten about and seldom talked about administrative side as well. Ideas are provided that can help the officer earn the respect and gain the confidence from the membership as someone who can properly lead them and fulfill the duties of the office. 


3. Ideas for all members as to what can help them become better leaders in their volunteer organization, even if never stepping foot into the officer ranks.

It can be considered professional development, which is often associated with the business world. Perhaps you have even been involved with professional development in your own line of work. But, make no mistake about it, professional development is also very important for a volunteer firefighter and by participating in a personal professional development program you will become a more successful firefighter, fire officer and leader within your hometown volunteer fire department.

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