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Social Fitness: Skills to Improve Community Relations for the Volunteer Firefighter

No doubt responding to calls and performing skillfully is the trademark of competent and professional firefighters. But often times the public judges our members on many other things. They definitely notice how our volunteer members act, treat them, help solve their problems, watch over their property and take care of the things that are very important to them. All department members must be aware that all of these “little things” easily contribute to people perception of their first responders and must strive to exercise what I call good social fitness skills whenever they are on duty.

We all know we are living in a different world today. Many believe it is a very nasty, mean spirited and much more judgmental world than ever before. And, even though social fitness skills may be lacking in society today, we must ensure is it doesn't lack in our volunteer fire service world.

In this two-hour presentation we will discuss not only how important it is to understand this but also discuss steps we can all take to sharpen our social fitness skills.

Don’t you personally appreciate good customer service – timely responses, caring attitude, true empathy – doesn't that make you think more highly of the organization you are dealing with? Well, it’s the same way with your volunteer department.

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