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Professional Development for the Volunteer Firefighter

A fast paced 90-minute presentation that focuses on the personal traits of the professional volunteer firefighter. The message delivered during this very interactive and engaging program is that there will always be challenges, distractions, obstacles or events that occur that are out of our direct control, but the individual firefighter always has full control of the professional level of service that they deliver.

A fast paced highly interactive program that examines what it means to be a true professional in the volunteer fire service. Sometimes it’s too easy to get distracted or fall back on excuses when we are not properly engaged in our organizations or fail to deliver the exceptional level of service that our communities need and expect. We are quick to blame others, our departments or some other outside force, but we fail to give ourselves a proper size up. This 90-minute presentation is aimed at the individual firefighter. It concentrates on things that they have direct personal control over to make them a better-trained and more productive firefighter and member in their hometown volunteer fire department.  Regardless of their department’s limitations, issues or atmosphere, the individual firefighter can certainly exemplify true professionalism in all that they say and do.

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