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The American Volunteer Fire Service: Protecting the Legacy 

An informative, entertaining fast pace 1-hour presentation aimed at new members joining the volunteer fire service. Students are taught that there is a whole other side to being a volunteer firefighter, and it's not all hoses, hooks and halligans.


This program introduces students to the long established fire service legacy representing pride, honor, integrity, duty, compassion, courage, tradition and sacrifice. They will be taught to embrace that legacy and to always to protect it in their words and actions both on duty and off. 


The students will gain an understanding that they are part of a truly special calling and the iconic image and spirit of the American volunteer firefighter has endured for generations because of the selfless service that has always been delivered by members who are anything but self-serving. They will be taught to appreciate and support the customs, traditions, unique cultures and proud heritage associated not just with the fire service but their hometown department as well.


This highly motivating, engaging and inspiring presentation leaves new members, as well as veteran members, walking away with a deeper sense of appreciation and pride for belonging to not just the American Volunteer Fire Service, but their home volunteer fire department as well.

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